Schedule: Monday - Saturday - 8:00 - 18:00, Sunday - 8:00 - 14:00
Services Offered

Intuitive Readings and Assessments

How I work and what you need to bring to your session:

First and foremost please bring an open mind and allow yourself to go beyond what you know and what you believe is possible. Be clear in your intention as to why you are engaging a reading.

This helps me to provide you with specific guidance in relation to your current and long term position. I will provide detailed answers to your questions near the close of the session if I haven’t answered them during the session.

My purpose Is to share what I am hearing or seeing for you. I ask you to open your mind to consider all of the possibilities and facts that are brought through so you can validate them now or at a later stage.

Please do not volunteer information unless you are asked to clarify something specific that has already been given to me. If you want to connect to those that have passed over please inform me at the beginning of the session. Also it is best to wait at least 30 -60 days to pass to allow your loved one to cross over and connect with them. No genuine medium can guarantee they are able to connect to a particular person, being open relaxed, setting a clear intention prior to your reading can assist in connecting to a loved one.

What is said during a reading may not make sense to you. The understanding of the messages may come at a later time after the reading when you have a chance to think about it. So please be open minded and receptive without intellectualizing the session.

Please do not negate or say no to what is conveyed to you during your reading. It is helpful to understand what is conveyed may not be what you want to hear at the time, however it’s what you may need to hear so please maintain an open mind.

What comes through in your session is driven by you. I will work with you to bring through an understanding of where you are within yourself and direction you are heading.

Any ethical intuitive medium will not answer any questions of people that are not a direct influence in a reading . I will provide guidance information about your relationships and those that are an influence in your life.

Lastly with phone or Skype sessions if you are not in a quiet environment such as a moving car or any other any area where a there are distractions and interruptions I cannot read for you. You must be in a quiet area without distractions.

Please read through these terms and conditions and I look forward to working with you


Individual Consultations with Zora

Intuitive Assessments

Zora directs her intuitive knowing, sensing, insights and intuitive perspective to tune into your areas of concern such as relationships, healing, career, family. Trained in Eastern energy healing arts, her intuitive perspective will help you decide how to make practical changes to achieve your desires. Sessions can be done via phone, in-person or email.

Energy Healings

Free yourself from old beliefs, stagnant feelings, and deep-rooted patterns that are keeping you tired and stuck. Zora uses her intuition to help you use your own internal powers for healing and change. We call on the Divine to assist with the process, so you can live the life you were born to live. Sessions can be done via phone, in-person or email.


There is no difference between a face-to- face , Skype or phone reading in many respects these readings can be more effective because clients are more relaxed in their own environment, I am not distracted by body language and emotional reactions. The more relaxed the client the more effective the reading will be.

Prior to a phone or Skype session, email a photograph of yourself with your date of birth and a clear idea of the purpose for the reading. Have your questions written down, email the names of people you have questions about along with their date of birth. Please ensure you are in a quite space on your own with no interruptions throughout the session. Kindly provide time and dates for your session and provide payment prior to your session. Please call me at your scheduled appointment time.