Schedule: Monday - Saturday - 8:00 - 18:00, Sunday - 8:00 - 14:00
Services Offered

Conscious Communication Coach

Mentoring you to develop your skills and create the confidence and effectiveness of your conscious languaging.

Using the principles of Non Violent Communication, Zora mentors you to develop your skills and confidence in a most effective way of communicating.

Teaching a way of being totally honest, supporting empathy, courage, care and authenticity. Without using criticism, blame, judgment, racial bias, put downs, name calling, without implying wrongness or defectiveness of self or others.

Understanding how our words can encourage connection with others or distance us from others. Learning to communicate what it is you really want, how to ask, how to really hear others even when you disagree. Working towards solutions that benefit all parties, sharing power with others as opposed to power over others.

Learn: different types of communication, body language, the power and meaning of unspoken words, power of your voice its tone and intention.

Practical and easy to learn processes that can help improve your relationships, connection with friends, work colleagues, interview techniques to get the job you want, asking the hard questions, learning how to deal with long held secrets that are causing you harm, learning the power of when to be silent.

Book a session with Zora and open the communication line in your life. Please go to the contact page to arrange an appointment or to for more information.