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Calm and Peaceful or more like the duck paddling like crazy underneath?

By : on : February 2, 2017 comments : (0)

Anxiety and worry seem a staple way to be in these modern times.

So many things that pull us out of that calm state we can experience.

Look I don’t mean that state where you are so relaxed almost like being asleep that nothing can move you. Rather the way where you know you can handle anything that comes your way, an inner feeling that everything will work out no matter how it appears at this moment.

This way of being can be cultivated by us all. It takes a dedicated practice and a commitment to self to do the steps each and every day.

This is where most of us fall down. Each and every day turns into every second day, when I have time, when the kids are out, to not at all.

It takes 15 minutes a day to do a simple meditation to bring about this calm state.

Dedicate 15 minutes of quiet time to sit somewhere peaceful where you will not be interrupted. Turn off your phone and all other distracting devices. You can put on some peaceful calming music and then sit and listen and focus on your breath. Notice how it moves your diaphragm and belly when you take a breath in and out, how in time your breath slows down. Let all thoughts that enter your head go, don’t try block them just notice them, let them go, pay no further attention to them, go back to your breath. Do this for 15 minutes each morning or evening or both and notice how soon you will start to feel that inner state of calm more often.

Meditation is a commitment to self, that you will honor yourself each and every day with calmness and peace, you deserve that.



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